Blog UX December 30, 2014
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Souvenir Pt. I by TrondheimSolistene

I recently started collecting music in vinyl form and it feels that I'm getting re-acquainted to my music and listening habits. Convenience aside, this is still the way music should be experienced at home. Favourite track at the moment — Suit for String Orchestra, Op. 1: II. Intermezzo.

Music Souvenir Pt. I — TrondheimSolistene December 27, 2014
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Take the Guess Work Out of the App Design Process - June 24, 2014

— A brief look on how to alleviate the gap that exists between signing a contract and presenting designs.

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— An insightfull look on the beneficial aspects of handwriting and how it shapes us from an early age.

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— Often confused, here's a clear distinction between brand and identity.

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